How to make 5000% In The Steam Community Market

Steam Community Market

Secondary Markets

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Clayton is a masters graduate and has many successive successes but, Clayton is NOT a financial advisor, and the points expressed in this video are Clayton’s opinion.

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Diverse Investments
Acorns- Automated investing app. Simple design, easy, and diversified. I like it because this allows you to earn a little while you contribute and start saving for the first time.

Fundrise- This is a long term investment platform to invest in private real estate investment trusts. Like gold, currencies, bonds, equities and other investments realestate is now easy to invest in. $500 min

Gold- Gold has always been a valued commodity.

Video Game Collectables- Prices usually bottom out and then become collectables use this link to start your own collection and track it’s value.

Buxton Helmsley – A friend Alex Parker, equity portfolios, forbes featured.


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Dominick Barbato

June 8, 2020

Wow man. This was perfectly edited and now i might copy your strategy


Dominick Barbato

June 8, 2020

Wow you look sexy 👀


Just Frugal Me

June 8, 2020

Yet another great upload!💯


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